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residential_icons_trans_dimmingThe simplest way to reduce the amount of energy lights use is to dim them. Often lights aren’t required to be at 100% brightness and by reducing their output it not only reduces energy consumed but also improves the working environment.

Daylight Harvesting


Daylight harvesting is where the Conson System monitors the natural light levels within a room or space to offset the amount of electronic lighting required. Electronic lights are dimmed so that they augment and standardise the light level ensuring that you always achieve the light level required for the area using the least amount of energy.

Occupancy Detection


The Conson System enables you to monitor the occupancy of a room or area and to turn the lights on or off accordingly, ensuring that you are only lighting areas when you need to. This can be incorporated with daylight harvesting to attain further energy savings.



The Conson System can be used as a simple automation system; as an example this automation could lower blinds on the eastern facing windows as the sun rises in the morning and then as the sun sets in the evening it can raise the blinds on the eastern facing windows whilst at the same time lower the blinds on the western facing windows.

Holistically Green


There are many indirect benefits from controlling your lighting and automation with a Conson System. The Conson System is designed for a “Danish Lifetime”, it prolongs the life of luminaires by “soft starting” when lights are turned on and as well by dimming the lights, thus reducing the effort the lights exert.